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Building and renovating without the hassle

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Building a new house or doing major home renovations is a daunting prospect – but a little knowledge will make it much easier to plan and manage. In this seminar you’ll find out how the building process works, how to organise the finance for your project and how to make sure you get the result you want.


Anyone considering or about to build a new house or undertaking major home renovations.


  • The building process - what happens when and who does what
  • How building contracts work and the pros and cons of fixed price contracts
  • What's included and other costs you need to consider
  • Doing your homework - council requirements, getting plans drawn up, obtaining quotes, creating your budget
  • Getting the 'look' -  what to spend money on and what to avoid
  • Working with your lawyer - understanding your risks and obligations, and how to protect yourself
  • What you should tell your lawyer, to save time and money
  • How to organise your finances during a new build or renovation - how building loans work, and what to expect.

The workshop will also include case studies from actual building and renovating projects.


You'll get professional tips and insights on all aspects of building a new home and home renovations, helping you avoid common pitfalls and make your project go more smoothly. From building consents to budgeting, from cash flow to colour schemes, this workshop will give you the knowledge you need to build or renovate with confidence.

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