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Buying a home in NZ – in Mandarin 新西兰购屋系列中文讲座

  • 4.3 out of 5 stars
  • from 48 ratings

如果您正考虑移居新西兰,并有意在这里购屋,此专题讲座绝对能够让您从中得益。我们将用您熟悉的语言,详细讲解房屋购买流程,购屋注意事项以及如何在新西兰寻求购屋的帮助。 If you’re moving to New Zealand and wanting to buy a home here, you’ll find this seminar invaluable. We’ll explain, in your language, how the home buying process works, what to look out for, and where to go for help with buying your new home in New Zealand.




New residents who speak Mandarin looking to buy a home in New Zealand.



  • 介绍新西兰的购屋流程
  • 讲解新西兰的购屋方式
  • 协商的策略与技巧
  • 结合新西兰全国与您当地区域的房地产市场概述
  • 如何看房——怎样在购屋之前了解清楚房屋状况
  • 如何获取当地区域房产状况以及相关的信息渠道来源
  • 讲解购屋所涉及的法律问题以及律师的参与工作范围
  • 申请房屋贷款手续与了解ANZ如何为您提供协助
  • How the home buying process works in New Zealand and the differences between New Zealand and other countries
  • Ways of buying a home in New Zealand
  • How to negotiate a deal
  • An overview of the property market in New Zealand and in your local area
  • What to look for in a home - and checking it out before you buy
  • How to find out about local areas and where to get information
  • Legal issues and working with a lawyer
  • Getting a home loan and how ANZ can help you
  • Tax and accounting considerations
  • Building a new home.




This seminar will help new migrants get a good understanding of how the housing market works in New Zealand and what they need to think about when buying a home here.

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